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Why You Shouldn't File for Divorce Without a Divorce Lawyer

You may be exploring ways to file a divorce without an attorney, hoping to save money or time during your divorce. While there is no legal reason you cannot file for a divorce without a lawyer, there are many benefits to having one. It may even save you money in the long run. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t file for divorce without an experienced attorney on your side.

Divorcing Without Legal Representation Can Cost You

If you’re considering a DIY divorce—don’t. Even if you and your spouse are ending your marriage amicably, you still should at least hire a divorce attorney to review your divorce agreement terms to ensure they meet the legal requirements of your state and that a judge will agree to them.

If your marriage is ending in a less-than-friendly way, you’ll benefit from having the insight and experience of a divorce attorney to assist you. Even if you and your spouse manage to negotiate the terms of your divorce on your own, your lawyer can serve as a representative on your behalf, advise your decisions, and help you understand the long-term impact of your choices.

In litigation, your attorney will represent your best interests and help to ensure you receive a fair share of your marriage’s assets, a favorable custody or visitation schedule with your children, and even advocate for a fair amount of child support payments. Without a strong, knowledgeable legal advocate on your side, it’s easy to make mistakes that can end up costing you considerably at the end of the divorce.

Your Attorney Has Considerable Knowledge to Share

Are you familiar with the judges in your local family law court? Do you know the divorce laws of your state? Are you able to calculate and understand the tax impact if you choose to try and keep the house, rather than selling it and splitting the profits? You may not know all these things, but it is the job of your lawyer to know it. Why struggle through your divorce alone, when your attorney can provide invaluable insight, experience, and knowledge?

Attorneys Help Prevent Mistakes

It’s natural to make mistakes when encountering something you’re unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, small mistakes can equal big consequences in a divorce. Your lawyer is there to make sure your case goes smoothly, to manage the details of it, and to mitigate mistakes, so you can receive a favorable outcome, no matter what your goals for your divorce are.

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