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Blog Posts in January, 2018

  • How Can Child Custody Affect Child Support Payments?

    As a parent, you probably help to shoulder the cost of raising your children with their other parent. Whether you have full custody or joint custody, you still will need to understand child support payments in Texas. In many states, your child support obligations may be dependent on the amount of parenting time you have. In Texas, however, your child support payments are not calculated according ...
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  • How To Talk To Your Children About Divorce

    Divorce is a challenging time for the entire family. Many parents worry about how they will announce their divorce to their children, and what to say when they make the announcement. Here are some tips to help you have this difficult discussion with your family. Talk to the Whole Family While you may be tempted to have private discussions with each child, you can place an unfair burden on your ...
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  • Online Divorce Service in Texas

    The average cost of divorce in Texas is just under $25,000. (You read that right.) Major disagreements about property division and child custody can lead to protracted court battles and much larger attorney fees than you would otherwise pay. Even couples without children or any major disagreements can expect to pay at least $15,000 in attorney and court fees. While the price tag on divorce can be ...
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  • Does Religion Affect Child Custody Arrangements?

    If an interfaith couple has decided to divorce , philosophical disparity is likely only the first of their disagreements, and things can get even messier with children involved. When it comes to child custody , the good news is that a court will not show partiality to one parent merely because they hold a particular faith. However, religion does play an important role in raising children and is ...
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