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Planning a Vacation When You Have Shared Custody

Summer trips can often create cherished memories with your children, but planning one can be a challenge when you share custody of your children. Don’t give up on your dreams of a camping trip with your kids just yet, though! Here are some tips to help you navigate the process of planning a vacation with shared custody.

  • Communicate. You and your co-parent need to communicate your plans for summer before summer starts. Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon in July? Talk to your co-parent s about it, and see if they will agree. If they won’t, see if there is a compromise you both can agree upon, such as moving the trip, making it shorter, or even going together. Before you book anything, take some time to talk, and use a mediator if you need to.
  • Ask your children. If you have older children, they may have their own desires for summer. Talk to them and see what they want to do, and take it into account. Even younger children may be happy to add their input to the plans, and planning a trip together can be rewarding.
  • Confirm plans in writing. Mix-ups can be frustrating, but they can also place you into legal issues if your custody plans aren’t followed. If you and your co-parent choose to use informal agreements rather than formal modifications to your custody agreements over summer, be sure to get all plans in writing as agreed upon by both of you. This can also help if your co-parent changes their mind or forgets the plans you’ve agreed upon.
  • Consult your lawyer. Remember, custody issues are legal issues. If you’re seeking to make changes to your custody plans or take your kids on a trip out of state, your attorney can make sure it’s handled correctly so you’re protected.

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