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    Protecting Your Rights as a Parent in Katy, TX

    When one parent receives primary child custody (meaning that the parent has the right to have the child most of the time), the other parent is typically granted visitation rights. The parent who has visitation will spend a limited amount of time with the child each month, such as every other weekend.

    Generally, the courts will make every effort to have the child spend time with both parents as long as this is considered to be in the child’s best interests. Once the court issues a visitation order, both parents are required to comply with that order.

    A few examples of visitation order violations would be the parent with primary custody withholding the child from the other parent or the parent with visitation rights keeping the child for longer than his or her allotted time.

    At Adams Law Firm, our Katy visitation attorneys can help you with the following:

    • Securing visitation rights so you can spend time with your child
    • Getting a visitation order enforced by the court
    • Protecting your visitation rights if you are at risk of having them taken away from you
    • Getting an existing visitation order modified

    Our attorneys have a lot of experience handling cases involving visitation and other family law issues. If you want to modify a visitation order or enforce your rights in a visitation order, contact the Katy area visitation attorneys of Adams Law Firm today at (281) 391-9237 to speak with a member of our team about your legal options.

    Why Hire a Lawyer for My Parental Visitation Case?

    Visitation Lawyer In Katy Image 2Hiring a qualified family lawyer can be crucial in regaining the parental visitation rights you deserve. We understand that the process of divorce and securing visitation rights can be tough enough, and you, as a parent, expect to have those visitation rights honored.

    A qualified parental visitation lawyer can help you understand your legal options and work with you to ensure that you will continue to have your visitation rights honored.

    Suppose you want to modify your visitation rights. In that case, an experienced parental visitation lawyer can help show how changed circumstances between you and your spouse or your children cause modification.

    Family law cases can be complicated. Typically, getting any sort of custody agreement or modified parental visitation rights agreement requires the consent of both parties. However, getting these agreements modified unilaterally (by one party) can be notoriously difficult.

    Katy area parental visitation attorneys can help you to navigate these complex legal processes and work to ensure that your visitation rights are protected.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Parental Visitation Cases

    Can a non-custodial parent skip their designated visitation time?

    It is understandable that a non-custodial parent will not always be able to visit during their designated time. Life’s demands guarantee that this will happen at some point.

    However, suppose the non-custodial parent repeatedly doesn’t honor the visitation agreement. In that case, they may lose the right to some of that custodial time, especially if missing this time is placing an unnecessary burden on the custodial parent.

    Find yourself on either end of this situation and are worried about keeping your visitation rights or compensation for the unexpected time you have the children. You should speak with a qualified family lawyer.

    My ex-spouse may be abusive towards our children. What should I do?

    If you believe that the other parent is being abusive towards your children, you should contact Child Protective Services (CPS) immediately. If there is concrete evidence of abuse or reason to believe abuse is occurring, the court can order supervised visits with CPS.

    If CPS finds evidence of abuse, you may be able to have the custody agreement modified. However, a qualified parental visitation attorney is needed for this process.

    Is it possible for a parental visitation schedule to be agreed upon out of court?

    Visitation and custody schedules can certainly be made out of court. Sometimes, doing this can save you and your spouse time and money. However, once you have reached an agreement, you should have this agreement submitted to the court so a judge can sign it and make it legally binding.

    By creating your own parental visitation plan, you can avoid many of the inconveniences of fixed schedules and, instead, create an arrangement that works well for both parents.

    I am planning to move. How will this affect my visitation rights?

    In Texas, the visitation agreement is unaffected if you move less than 100 miles from the custodial parent’s home. However, you may need to alter the visitation schedule.

    You may also need to have visitation transportation costs addressed by the court as well. A competent family lawyer can help you understand the options available in this situation.

    The other parent is not allowing me to see the children. What rights do I have?

    Suppose you are a custodial or a non-custodial parent, and the other parent is not letting you visit the child according to the terms of the visitation agreement. In that case, you will need to act to have the visitation agreement enforced.

    In this case, you will need to understand the language of the visitation agreement clearly. If it does not give a specific time and place to exchange the children, you may need a family lawyer to modify the order so you can visit them.

    Backed by More Than 35 Years of Experience

    At Adams Law Firm, our lawyers have guided clients through divorce and family law matters since 1977. With more than 35 years of experience on our side, we have the knowledge and experience to represent you in your visitation case in the Katy, Texas, area.

    We have received an AV Preeminent® rating from Martindale Hubbell®, indicating that we have demonstrated top legal ability and ethical standards with our clients, our peers, and in the courtroom.

    Furthermore, our attorneys have been included in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Texas by National Trial Lawyers, demonstrating our serious commitment to expert and comprehensive representation of our clients when we do go to court.

    Our dedicated lawyers want to help you protect your parental rights and ensure your child’s best interests are properly safeguarded. That’s why we have no case quotas and are always ready to give our full and personalized attention to our clients’ divorce and visitation processes.

    These cases can often be complex and have a lot of nuance, so we give them our constant and detail-oriented attention. Divorce can be uncomfortable and highly emotional for all involved. As attorneys dedicated to family law, we understand all that goes into a divorce and are here to help.

    Contact Adams Law Firm Today about Your Case

    We understand that having parental visitation issues after your divorce settlement can be frustrating for all involved, including your children. The parental visitation attorneys of Adams Law Firm have significant knowledge and experience in family law, divorce, and custody agreements.

    We know how to ensure your visitation rights are protected and honored. Whether you are a noncustodial parent seeking to modify visitation rights or a custodial parent who wishes to have some part of the visitation agreement modified, we have the expertise to help you get the ideal outcome for you and your children.

    Given the complexity of parental visitation cases, you should never try to modify an agreement independently. A parental visitation lawyer can ensure that your parental rights are protected and honored. Contact our legal team at Adams Law Firm today at (281) 391-9237 for high-quality legal counsel tailored to your specific needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Visitation

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